Looking at the market rese


Looking at the market research only about 10% of people own HD sets right now. By 2010 depending on who you believe it will be between 50-60 %. Blu-ray and HDDVD don’t offer enough more than that of DVD so people will probably not be as compelled to buy them. The only two things that they have over current DVD is space and interactivity. As far as space goes with the new codecs the data-rate is the same or only slightly higher than SD DVDs. So current DVDs could work fine for HD. On the interactivity side first off most HD disks will not take advantage of these options(especially since the person authoring the disk will have to learn a customized java script to do anything more than dvds can do now). Just look at current DVDs. How many of your disks take advantage of the interactivity features of the format. Moral of the story DVD was a gigantic leap over VHS and it still took 3-4 years to really take off and these formats just don’t have the revolutionary leap over DVD. Since one will eventually win over the other though my money is on HDDVD as it will have the ability to have a layer with a SD version of the film that will play in normal red laser dvd players and then (once you upgrade to a HDDVD player) will utilize the other layers on the disk which will contain the HD version. This is a much more consumer friendly option. Future and past proof this is good. Blu-ray may have more space but consumers (who will ultimately decide the victor of this format war) will go with the option that most benefits them which if Toshiba can implement this forward/backward compatibility by putting both the SD and HD version on one disk HDDVD will win the war. But it is anyones game right now so I wouldent waste my money on any burner unless you have the need to burn large ammounts of data to an optical disk. Other wise wait.

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