Look up your area MLS and


Look up your area MLS and contact them. Do a couple pro bono’s and put up a website and then email anyone on the list you can get from the MLS. Agents are very competitive, look them up under remax, Century 21, what ever and look for the ones in the top ten. They are likely the ones that would get using video anyway but you need to let them play on that and offer it to all of them.

Learn how to handle everything for their video. Uploading to any site they need and the MLS compliant version, the whole ball of wax.

What you want is agents that email you an address and a paypal payment or meet you there and swipe their card on your smart phone, which you can set up through paypal now. You just want an assignment, payment and then at the end a “Looks Great” email. Agents move at a different speed than most and its best to just keep a simple professional relationship with them, don’t get to involved or the pro bono work will come back into play, so keep your head.

In the end, do not sell yourself short on price. You are selling to salesmen/women, don’t let them set the price lower than it should be. The only thing they love more than selling a house is bartering a lower price for something. Stick to your guns.

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