look, if I can be charged


look, if I can be charged 99 cents for a copy of the newest hit song to play on my cell phone, or pay one dollar per song on something like Napster then by all means, I will put that same song in my video production after I PAY for it. I like the way Hank does it. If it ain’t legal, then it damn well should be!

Include in your fee for the wedding, a charge for the music that you get from this Napster site.

Then go to Napster or Rhapsody, etc and buy the individual songs for what, like a buck each? Heck, burn the songs on a cd for the client to also have with their dvd.

Look at what you have done here: EACH artist gets a portion or cut from their individual songs that you bought.

What does that matter? Well, the client may have already bought the CD with the song that they wanted on their video long ago when they first got together. BOTH of them might have that SAME cd. And you just sold it to them again – The artist should THANK YOU BY ALL MEANS! They now made two maybe three sales to ONE person for the SAME SONG. You just drove up their digital feed sales too. I don’t care what anyone says here, that artist’s copyrighted material just got sold twice and the artist DOES get his share.

Now the client has their love song, the artist has his cut AGAIN, and the videographer is just a tool for bringing the two together. When you make a purchase off something like Napster, it does not say: YOU MAY ONLY USE THIS IN YOUR EARPHONES, ON A BLACK IPOD NANO AT 3AM AWAY FROM RESIDENTIAL AREAS! You purchased the right (PAID the artist and distributor) a fee for a song to enjoy or use it how you see fit. You did NOT make an agreement nor does it say nor should it, that you were purchasing that song to ** LISTEN in your own 2 ears *** (That is just the way I interpret it here – zip it – you will not change my mind nor do I care to hear anyone’s opinions here what so ever.)

Another way to look at it: Videographers are stealing music for personal gain. NOPE. I do video because I like to do VIDEO. I am filming and editing and working hard compiling scenes for your wedding to make it a special memory the way YOU (the client) wants to remember it. I do not have a MUSIC fee that I profit from by stealing a song and adding a charge for that and thinking: HA HA! YES! A FREE SONG AND THUS ALL PROFIT FOR ME! TO HECK WITH THE VIDEO, THIS FREE SONG PIRATING THING IS A BLAST AND NOW I’M RICH!!! HA HA. I SHOWED THEM!!

I am actually underpaid to be honest. We all are. I don’t claim it as my own or even use it as a selling point. I just slap the song they want where they want it. That’s it. NEXT STEP – getting the red eye reduction to work……stupid…..button……

So in MY reality, this Napster thing is the answer to all of our bickering and pondering. There is a vehicle (Napster) that you can GIVE YOUR MONEY TO for the purpose of buying a song that you may already even have in your MP3 library like I do (so the Artist too gets paid – maybe even twice) to use it in any darn way you see fit. Shoot, call it for a "one time use" if you must. I guess if you buy a song, then you don’t have to buy it again for another vid project but well, maybe you should have to cough up another buck. Oh well.

Point is like you all have said, right / wrong, caught / probably not, theif, good samaritan – WHATEVER ! As Hank has suggested, and to the best of MY current knowledge, this is the best way atempt to do the right thing. If it takes six months to get back to you (from the artist) then THAT slows down commerce. And I don’t think any law makers, etc. want to slow down commerce. We are paying for things, being paid, spending money, blah blah blah- monies are changing hands and THAT keeps our commerce and country in good shape and competitive. And that is a GOOD thing. Especially when everyone gets a little somethin’ somethin’!

It’s like a street sign says here in Texas: Keep Texas Moving – slower drivers use right lane. You know why??? Truckers gotta get a move on, sales reps gotta make their calls, people are headed to and fro for work, etc. So in other words: DON’T SLOW DOWN OUR COMMERCE!!!

If you have a song or something copyrighted and disagree with what I just wrote, then your music probably sucks therefore it’s NOT on a site like Napster and NOBODY CARES TO USE IT ANYWAYS!!

Thank you and please drive through! And as always, thank you for flying Southwest! (oh darn, I forgot the disclaimer to use that! where’s that darn license…. i had it somewhere….ahhh…it’s right……………ohhh………..ummmmm………………………. πŸ˜• ……….)

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