Look for a good condition JVC


Look for a good condition JVC 100, or 110 – these have really good lenses, work well in lowish light, have good reliability and produced very good HD at 720 – a kind of half way house. The only things to watch for are pretty common faults. People snap the viewfinder mounting where it attaches to the camera if it is bent too far – it snaps the joint. The firewire connector can be broken if people use a really stuff cable and then tug the cable to the rear of the cabinet – it breaks the small pcb board. If these things are solid and working, you can pick them up quite cheaply – certainly less than 500 euros. If you can live with SD and 4:3, then look for a JVC 500, or 5000 series same price, a bit larger and again, thoroughly decent cameras. 5000 has a side LCD, 500 doesn’t.

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