LOL. No offense, and I wis


LOL. No offense, and I wish you the best, but I love how companies are now trying to have current employees who have no video experience do their video work. A 10-20 minute segment? And they want it on their website same day?! Please direct me to the website when it’s all finished. I want to see this. And please understand this is not a shot at you, but a shot at the company you work for. Not the best decision on their part.

Anyway, since you only have 10 grand and will only load this onto a website, I suggest shooting SD with a miniDV camcorder. Sony PD170, Canon GL2, Panasonic DVX100B…all great cameras.

You want to buy a good set of lights. Proper lighting with SD video ALWAYS beats no lighting with HD video. Get at least 2 250W and 2 500W Arri lights. Might want to get some softboxes to go with those lights.

You want a fluid head tripod. Tripods in the $500 – $1000 range will be great for the cameras I listed.

I diunno what you’re shooting, so I dunno what kinda mics to suggest. Do you want a lavalier mic? Hand held mic? Wireless? Shotgun on a boom pole? What are you shooting?

Since your on a PC, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere seem to be common.

Good luck buddy. You’ll need it. And we’ll be here to provide you with all the advice you need.

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