‘lo modef8u, whoa! slow d


‘lo modef8u,

whoa! slow down n give yerself time ta learn n know how ta wisely git yer best quality "bang for my buck". read videomaker mag. look fer back issues in library or on ebay. read some videomaking how to books. read videomaker mag archives online. read reviews on cnet and amazon, etc. take a beginning video production course at a community college. look at camcorderinfo.com n other forums. search on camcorders on ebay. look at completed listings to learn prices. consider starting with a used behringer xm8500 mic, with enuf cord fer yer 30 ft run, fer under $40, and a used velbon videomate 607 tripod under $40 and an under $200 camcorder (all including s/h) for your "rookie" trial and error’s. look fer listings where seller says "this is my camcorder. i bot it 3 yrs ago n used it 2x. i just found it again in back of closet. like new. etc, etc". find local videomaker groups. look at http://www.bhphotovideo.com. look at camcorder manufacturer sites to read/print manuals. talk to their customer service.

n have yerself some BIG FUN!


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