Liz, More than likely you



More than likely you had some sort of contract between you and the Swiss company. Probably a ‘work-for-hire-agreement’. If that’s the case, it’s doubtful you have any rights at all unless they were stipulated in the agreement/contract. According to US copyright the ‘publisher’ of the work is considered the rights holder. Now on the odd chance you didn’t have a formal contract, It is likely a court would say that the Company was the Publisher since they commissioned you and paid you in full to create the work. They more than likely own the logos and processes featured in the video and could reasonably expect full ownership of the product.

Now, that said had they not paid you in full then you’d be free to do with it what you wished until they paid for your services in full plus any penalties. First thing is to check the agreement/contract you signed with them and then check it again with a lawyer to catch anything you may have overlooked. Now you said it was the ‘Parent Company’ that wanted a copy. Best thing to do is contact the Swiss company and let them know of the situation. If they are a subsidiary of a larger company, then there shouldn’t be any real issues unless there are processes or other sensitive elements the smaller outfit wouldn’t want to be seen.

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