Lisa, Whether with a singl



Whether with a single or multiple camera setup, you can do zooms on your talent during the shoot. However, constantly zooming in and out is aggravating to the viewer and is the mark of an amateur. Like Earl said, you can perform slow or fast zooms long as they are done smoothly (somebody tell MTV that please.)

I would add that when you do zoom that it be done to help emphasize the talent when they are making a relevant point. Also, keep your zooms to a minimum. That way your viewers won’t want to hit you with a stick.

Lastly, don’t depend on really long shots on talent no matter how interesting they are. As per ‘Cat’s and Earl’s suggestions, have plenty of cut shots and shots from different angles available to keep your video dynamic and in motion.

Viewer’s these days have seriously short attention spans, so in order to keep them focused you’ll need those different angles and cut shots to keep the flow of your video going.

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