Linda, If I read you corre



If I read you correctly, no you don’t partition your raid array. The scratch disk (a term used in photoshop) is just the drive you selected to cover data overflow if the drive you’re doing your edits on becomes overloaded with temporary files created during the editing session. You don’t want your primary scratch disk to be your C: drive because you need it to run the program and your OS. Having an extra drive(s) allows you to work without bogging down your C: drive and gives you the capacity to store your work ‘away’ from the OS drive which comes in handy if your OS drive has to be reformatted or otherwise repaired.

You’ll have to ask HP what the max capacity of internal drives your WS will hold. That is determined by how many inputs the system’s motherboard has and how tall your computer case is (taller = more drive bays + x number of drives to be installed.)

Generally, I’ve only needed to partition the C: drive (reduces defrag and other maintenance times) and the partition is used to store files such as documents, images and the like. Outside of that, for a graphics/nle workstation all extra drives are used at maximum drive space primarily as they are generally assigned to specific tasks (Raid for video for example) as well as used for preview and other temporary file storage. You could partition your ‘5th’ drive, but unless you have a specific task in mind for the partitions there’s not much need to do so.

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