lindahua said:I want to bu


lindahua said:
I want to buy a camera too, which is easy to use, just like fool style.

What’s your budget, and how much productivity do you want? If you want something basic, take a look at some of JVC’s S models.The DV models are a lot cheaper, but requiretransfer via FireWire to use it with a computer (not quite sure if this is “easy” enough).Otherwise, could you give some more details?

Moreover it can prevent hand trembling.

Digital and optical are the two methods for stabalizing video. Digital is crops the picture (a loss inresolution)and allows the crop bounds to move and absorb motion. Optical is a mechanical device built inside of the camera that keeps the CCD in balance. Optical is the better method. Optical stabalizers are hard to come by. If you want an optical stabalizer, you should do someresearch on a more expensive camcorder. Hope this helps . !

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