Like Woody, I too am a techie


Like Woody, I too am a techie. I've been around video since high school, but not till after college did it become a full time passion. As an engineer, I felt gratified to see that my systems work enabled others to be so creative. Other rewards, such as my patents and an engineering Emmy, kept my passion alive on the technical side. While I've owned photo and video gear throughout my life, it was largely as a hobby outside of the engineering work. It wasn't until later that I discovered I had a creative flair, first in photography, then in graphic design, then with my video gear. What's interesting is that my stepdaughter discovered her talent for camera work, and basically commandeered my equipment to do all the shooting. Now that she's on her own, I have my gear back. I've since crafted the framework of a business plan, aligned my equipment collection with today's standards, and now seek projects as time permits me to accept them. I hope to make this a full time effort in the near future.

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