Like Triscuit, I have only

AvatarMike Biehler

Like Triscuit, I have only recorded on my smart phone. It was so much fun that I’d like to go further. (you can see my son singing, at I added the visual effects using imovie and I increased the volume of his voice in one spot where it faded because the note was too high for him. I can see that I’d like to be able to control the volumes of the guitar and his voice independently. But that’s not going to happen with my iPhone. I think that I can solve the problem without all of the effort that Paul describes… I invite your comments:
My family is a little band (three kids and mom) and we have a small sound system, so I will use the sound board to get the all of the volumes of the voices and instruments to the best levels, then I will stand in the sweet spot and record the performance. To add interest to the final video, I will have them do the song over and I will film some close-ups, then I will edit in those close-ups and maybe add some other relevant video. I can record with my phone and see what happens. I said at the beginning that I want to go further so I am considering the purchase of a good camcorder… the new Sony FDR AX53 records 5.1 sound… how will that sound? I’ve got many more questions, so I’ll ask them in a separate post.

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