Like George I started editing


Like George I started editing on PCs about 10 years ago. constant crashes, custom boards configuration hassles, spent way too much on tech issues. Switched to a Mac and that pain went went away. There was some effort to learn a different OS, but after buying the 1 year of training for $100 (GREAT deal) I went into the apple store once a week for a month and was able to get expert advice from people very capable at video editing including not just tutoring but advice on project work. Completely different experience from the BB "Geek Squad". 


Yes I know PCs are much better now, but I really love editing on my 15" Macbook Pro including the related software available for sound, graphics, and color grading. I bring it to my shoots and immediately start transfering once i am done shooting. Definitely recommend the I/O, flash storage and RAM capacity of the Pro series over the MBA. Well worth the money when you consider the thousands of hours you will spend editing of the years. Bought a Mac Pro this year for my son who is an editor – it is insanely fast, and greatly shortens transfer and rendering times. It supports 4K editing if you plan to go that route.


Here is how I think about the cost: I spend 10x as much time in front of my computer than driving my car, yet people spend 20-30x on their car vs. computer. If you are going to spend 10 hrs day in front of a computer, why not spend an extra $2k on the right computer/monitor combination to get a high end experience 10 hours every day. It really is a no brainer IMHO.

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