Like compusolver said the


Like compusolver said the production side of it starts with good production, and premiere (or any editing software for that matter) sucks for chroma keying. Here is a technique for use in after effects that works well for me. I use it every day for our productions which are used for broadcast. Drop the clip into a composition and first draw a mask with the pen tool around the subject to remove any unnecissary green then apply the Linear Color Key effect. Use the +color picker (middle in the stack of color pickers) and choose a color close to your subject. Then apply the Matte choker effect default settings usually work well. After this apply the Spill supressor effect. This will usually yeild good results. You can adjust the softness in the matte choker and linear color key if necissary. If you still cannot get good results then you will need a more advanced technique which I will post if anyone wants me to. This is all assuming you have AE if not it is definitly worth the money especially if you get the bundle.

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