Like composite said, the p


Like composite said, the plug-in and “pull-plug” will probably work depending on the type of connection you have (e.g. shape of adapter).The possibility of getting it to workalso varies among different types of audio jacks. Depending on the camcorder, it might be hard finding the sweet spot in order to get a clean signal.

Just to let everyone hear, I’ve also been able to use this method by plugging headphones into the camcorder’s A/V jack. After a few tries of adjusting the plug correctly, I get a perfectly crisp signal (left and right) and the audio levels are fine. The headphone plug seems to make proper contact with the audio portion of the camera’s A/V output. Of course, if your A/V jack is the oddly shaped half circle, then this shortcut won’t be viable. Not to say that this type of jack is bad. The half circle-shaped jack is actually known to prevent interference, resulting in a higher quality display on TVs.

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