Like both myself and one o


Like both myself and one of the previous posters said. What it really comes down to is portable or not. If you want it to be portable go with the macbook if you don’t care about portability then go with the mac pro. What ever you do, do not get extra ram and in the case of the Mac Pro extra hard drives from apple. They overcharge on these items to increase their profit margins. Also unless your planning on doing uncompressed HD or 2-4K work really don’t bother with a raid card. It would be a waste of money. It does provide more throughput but it costs an arm and a leg. If you have the money to burn by all means go for it though.

But when it is all said and done editing does not require all that much power. Color correction and motion graphics do require some power but the Mac Book Pro has plenty for that too. So either system will be plenty for you to "grow with" the mac pro will be much much faster but if you want portability all that power is worthless.

So it is not a question of what will grow with you it is a question of do you want portability or not.

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