Lights (Lowel) Go Tube K



(Lowel) Go Tube Kit Light Kit With LB-35 Soft Case Code: T1-90LBZ
This Kit contains:
2 Tota-lights (T1-10)
2 750w, 120v lamps (EMD)
2 Omni-stands (01-33)
1 Tota-brella (T1-25)
1 Tota-frame (T1-20)
1 Assorted Gels (T1-7
1 Tota Lampak (T1-61)
1 Tube Case (T1-82)


Do you have a suggestion for an on board or hand held light source? Do you set these lights up around the reception hall? Have you ever come across a complaint from a bride for setting this equipment up? Can you tell lighting is a mystery to me

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