lighting: look for a fairl


lighting: look for a fairly bright, halogen light that you can attach a gridded reflector and barndoors to. place a pool of light on the speaker at the podium. try to balance that to thier projector brightness if possible….. (cost as little as fifty dollars if you are handy and mod a worklight)

sound: even a cheap peavy pv6 usb sound board will let you plug in the ‘House’ mic and another mic for ambient (i use a second camcorder with shotgun mic to caputre ambient and speaker)and let you mix or balance the two, and run a line out to the ‘House’ sound system, and also direct line in’s to your camcorders mic inputs… the usb out from the peavy can plug into thier laptops and capture audio from thier powerpoint/keynotes if they have sound…. (also usb can be used directly to your laptop for direct recording (audacity works for me). also if you have a laptop with firewire you can record directly to harddrive….. no need to change tapes.). (cost 150.00 peavy sound board, another 30-100 in cables and adaptors, if they got mics, if not add the costs of any mics you need (even a cheap mic will work for ambient sound, you only need applause/booing)

set the projectors to ‘Movie’ mode for a warmer color balance, (and/or if needed you can add a blue gel to your light to color balance but that is a little more complicated needing proper ctb gels)

just don’t feed your ambient mic back into the house sound system or you’ll get feedback noise…

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