light is light. optics are


light is light.

optics are optics.

now sound is something else.

you may find a video head for your tripod useful… unless you have a three way head with seperate controls for panning and zooming…. start saving for good video tripod.

right now a flip mino vid cam or a compact camera (canon g9) that does video may help…

but save up for a grown-up video cam (even used, you’d be hard pressed to find anything pro quality in that price range)…. (what advice would you give to someone asking if a $200.00 point and shoot was good enough for pro photography?) look for the same manual controls you’d expect from a pro dslr (many pros would consider a rebel xt a beginners camera, and that cost more than $200.00…see what I mean?).

Then there is sound….a whole new area of expensive equipment to learn….

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