Let’s start with what are


Let’s start with what are you really doing. Are you actually buring your video to CD’s and not DVD’s? I use DVD Architect 3.0b and after a pretty exhaustive search, I can’t use it to burn a video CD. But I do burn VCD’s using MyDVD (now owned by Roxio) and it works great. But a VCD does look like crap compared to DVD video. Which is to be expected, the MPG1 video has a much, much lower bit rate. But I could burn to the smaller CD’s and mail them to family in a regular envelope for normal postage. And to be honest, my family couldn’t tell the difference.

Now if I assume you just accidentally typed CD instead of DVD, then here’s some things to check out. First of all, render your file to a 16:9 SD AVI file and play it with your Windows Media Player. Assuming it plays at the right speed and in synch, open DVD Architect and import the file as media then burn it to your DVD. You could also try the same thing from an HD file (render, watch & import)to see what happens there. I’m guessing your main problem lies in the translation from HD to SD video. And if that is the case, then if you set your project properties in Vegas to 16:9 SD video, then Vegas will deal with codecs & re-compression. And I find I get better quality on my DVD’s by rendering to AVI then setting the compression using DVD Architect.

Good luck & let us know if anything we’ve mentioned helps.

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