Lets start with the basics


Lets start with the basics. Can you open the video file in Windows media player or some other player to confirm there is audio in the file?

If audio is there then look on the timeline where you have your file and see if the Mute button on the left is active. On the line the audio is on you’ll see Track and below Track you’ll see “S” & “M, the “M” is the mute button.

Also, if you render a file and play that file outside of MEP, can you hear the sound?

Plus check this: Go to FILE then PROGRAM SETTINGS. Then click the tab at the top that says Playback. Make sure a audio driver and device is loaded. Then click on the Video/Audio tab and make sure there is a check next to Extract sound from videos.

You can also go to the System tab on that same menu and select Automatic preview in the media pool, Audio & Video files. This will make it play the audio if you preview a clip.

Try the above and let us know if that helps. πŸ˜‰


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