Let’s start this with my o


Let’s start this with my obligatory mention of Sony products. To promote their ACID loop composition software, they give away a copy of ACID Express with a big bunch of free loops. Then to provide examples & ideas, each week they give away 8 loops and an original composition for you to play with or modify and use. I have “written” a number of original songs for use as music beds and a couple of attempts as some techno dance tunes. I really recommend this to everyone. It’s easy and you end up with original music for your video.

Okay, in addition to the loops available all over the place, I thought I’d list a couple of sites I’ve gotten free sample songs from at one point or another. There’s http://www.TwistedTracks.com, http://www.Stock20.com, http://www.DigitalJuice.com, http://www.partnersinrhyme.com and I hear that the new bands on MySpace will give permission for their songs if you ask.

So good luck & happy editing.

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