Lets say we release a portion


Lets say we release a portion of this video on an outlet such as youtube, what kind of protection would we have in terms of others copying this video. If we did release a clip just to show the masses what we have, what steps should we take first to protect our work. Obviously big companies like Natgeo, Discovery, Blue Planet etc. probably receive calls about amature videos to the point that they take none seriously. We believe that if they were to see this, that they would want it. What steps are there to protect us from someone stealing our clip from youtube and using it for their own gain? 


What about taking our footage and making our own video and selling the rights to view it say like a pay per click. People spend millions to watch other people fornicate on video, if we could get 1 million to view it at say $2.00 a view is this something that is feasable?

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