Let me reply to Bill’s


Let me reply to Bill's statements about storage and computing horsepower. If you are content to work with compressed files as you'll get with an SD card, then yes, storage is not going to be a significant problem, nor is processing power. Compression of a 100mb data stream will toss out a lot of data to get it to fit on a 64GB card. That being the case, what's the point of shooting in 4K? 


Using the Panasonic HPX370, I shoot uncompressed video on an Atomos Ninja2 and can fill a 240GB SSD with about two hours of video. I capture the same video to a 64GB SD card and it leaves room to spare on the card. The SD card is a backup only and the difference is picture quality is noticeable.


I also have faith in the Videomaker staff that they have a good handle on things when they published this article:


I'm taking a serious look at the Panasonic GH4, but the camera without the add-on unit, it's just another consumer camera. By the way, B&H had a great webcast about the GH4 a few weeks ago which is now on Youtube – highly recommended: http://youtu.be/Z6mKJyhtCO0 


What Panasonic has done is fire the opening shot in the 4K race and that's good. But, compressed 4K is not that much different from 1080p other than the frame size, and the GH4 is a marketing stroke of genius. It'll put Panasonic out in front of the camera wars for a while, but on the downside, it'll do what Canon did when they launched the 5D – the GH4 will make every Tom Dick and Harry think they are the next great videographer, and if you think the competition for work is tough now, wait until this thing has been on the market for a while. 

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