Let me jump in and recomme


Let me jump in and recommend the software by the same company that made your camcorder, Sony Vegas. I’ve always used Vegas with my Sony camcorders and never once had a problem. (Okay, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a problem with any mid-level NLE.) Of course I also use a Sony computer, just to keep it all as simple as possible. If you don’t want to spring for Vegas 8.0 w/DVD Architect, I think you’d find Vegas Platinum Plus, at less than $130, to be a very workable substitute. I routinely use a version of Vegas Home Studio for multi-cam productions including several graphics overlays and multi-channel audio mixing.

And let me add that I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about just how “standard” the AVCHD format actually is. According to my sources, each camcorder manufacturer creates a slightly different version of AVCHD video. By using the Sony software with a Sony camcorder, you will have the least chance of any incompatibility issues.

And that is my opinion with an emphasis on opinion.

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