Let me elaborate on the shot


Let me elaborate on the shot a bit; the shot is of a man at a large office desk or table setting up a series of dominoes.  He then knocks over the first domino and the camera zooms in as they begin falling.  In the close up shot, he steps in and stops one as it is falling before it can hit the next.  He holds it up as he speaks, then lets it fall after the dialogue has concluded.  Only one or two more are seen falling as the camera pulls back slightly, then flys back along the path of toppled dominos which appear to go on infinately.


For the camera fly over, I'm going to be doing CGI, and I'll probably use a bit of CGI to do the transition from the first shot to the closeup, but I want it to look realistic.  The concern with a green screen shot is the composition of lighting and shadows, along with the potential mismatch in focus depth due to the substantial scale difference.  I could make a few cardboard boxs that are the right scale to get the right movement and interactivity, but the composite would be difficult due to the reflection (physical contact with a color keyed surface giving a colored light bounce, not to mention the shadows causing a difference in color for keying).


The more I evaluate the shot, the more I think I will need a composite of different effects to pull it off right, but at a minimum, I need one prop to have the character interact with directly.

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