You can get a canon to e-mount adapter for 50 bucks here http://fotodioxpro.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=canon+to+e-mount


I have some 20 year old Minolta (Sony A Mount) lenses my wife bought 20 years ago and just bought a Fotodiox adapter for them and they are awesome. For 40 bucks I was able to recycle a 35-70 micro and 70-300 zoom (Beercan) lense. I also have the Kit lense (18-200) the 16mm pancake and the 50 f1.8 in e-mount. They are worth it for the OIS but if you are going to leave a camera static for some time, your canon glass on an adapter will work just fine.


I film a lot of wildlife. This morning I was on a lake in my boat filming Blue Heron's and Canadian Geese. You have no control over wildlife so I've made a habit of setting for a wide depth of field while filming them if the light provides that. I know if I can stay above f8 on apture I can get a 10-15 yard or more range where I'll have good focus. I use the peaking function and watch it crawl. Meaning I see red on my subject and red to a distance in front of or behind the subject depending on how I think its going to move. I can actually center it in the field if I want but typically from the boat if I have them and some background, I'll be good because they are not likely to come to me.


It takes practice to work with DOF but after a while you don't even think of which way to turn a focus ring, it becomes instinctive or subconcious as you just follow the peaking color. if you get in a situation where you want shallow DOF, its easy to do quickly. I use shutter priority mostly and just run up the shutter speed to open the apture after I have focused and bam, its there on the VG-10. That's why I like it for in the woods. After you get used to it, you can be quite fast with it and get a lot of versatility out of such a small form factor.

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