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I have heard a lot of good things about 3ivx. I haven’t started using it yet. The quality is supposed to be pretty good. Another good codec is the Pro Sorenson Video 3 CODEC. I use it a lot. You’ll need to purchase the Pro Sorenson 3 CODEC or Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite to get the professional functionality. Quicktime only has the basic implementation of the CODEC. It might be worth checking it out if you haven’t used it yet. Visit http://www.sorensonmedia.com.

In terms of examples I don’t know of any sites that have comparison examples but you might check and see if you can find something on this site.


H.264 is the latest implementation of MPEG-4. It’s MPEG-4 part 10. It’s also included as the latest CODEC in QuickTime providing better quality at a given bit rate. It supposed to be the internet standard for streaming video unless it’s VC-1 from Microsoft. It’s definitely worth it at some point to purchase QuickTime 7 Pro to encode H.264 but not at this point. Folks still won’t have QuickTime 7 installed on the workstations and all the bugs worked out for quite some time. Defintely in about 8 to 10 months you’ll be able to prepare content for the internet using h.264.

Once it’s ready for primetime I’ll be implementing H.264 on the sites I work with. I can’t wait.

Keeping an eye out for developments here on the latest happenings of QuickTime 7:


jumpymonkey9 Wrote:

I’ve been filming some of the teachers at my school for their online classes. I’m using FCP. The guy who was doing it this summer told me what to do for getting the clips compressed into a quicktime file. The encoder he used was 3ivx. I still use it because I don’t know of anything better that will produce smaller file sizes. Is there a good website I can check out that will compare the various encoders out there? Or does anyone have a recommendation of what I should use? Also, what is H.264? Is it worth it to get quicktime Pro to be able to encode with that? I’m sure I’ll have more questions later, thanks,


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