Lee, there’s good, bad and


Lee, there’s good, bad and ugly with either platform and there’s no doubt that a bevy of PC enthusiasts and experts will point out that a stable and rock-solid system can be constructed for video production on a PC. I also saw your other post noting the extent of your aspirations and desire to remain essentially a video enthusiast/hobbyist.

The thing I get MOST from both posts is that you sincerely want to ENJOY what you do and be able to focus on the FUN of doing it, not the engineering feats and trouble shooting curves that some systems can throw at you. Right?

Based on that assumption, and having been a Mac user for a long, long time, I first have to say that NO system, program or platform is perfect and there will ALWAYS be times when for one reason or another ANY system will choke on something we feed it. BUT, I also have to say that in discussions with many friends who are PC based I hear a LOT more grumbles and complaints and hair-pulling sounds from them than I do my Mac friends. Though I DO hear a good bit from the MAC users who incorporate a lot of human error into their setups and operations.

I am NOT a Mac guru, nor could I be considered a power user. I only know that my experience overall with the Mac environment has been positive and when there HAVE been issues or problems, hang ups, spinning beach balls, even system crashes in the pre Leopard/Snow Leopard OS days primarily, it was due to something I did rather than the fault of the system.

With the power and ability, the potential processor speed and storage expansion, connections and the accompanying iMovie and related “i” series programs that come with the system, a $2K investment with a few hundred more for extra storage upon ordering, and that 27″ screen, the new iMac is going to be better than an entry-level platform for editing video.

What is happening also (and as per Grinner’s comments) is that Apple is doing some serious re-writing that will soon be manifested with its next level of OS, newer connectivity that third parties have only just begun to add, AND with the new FCPX that will be available for download in a few more months (I believe) for about $300, you might be well off to circumvent the FCP Studio series, even though I’m not that excited about abandoning the studio series, in favor of what’s coming soon via Mac.

This might also, if the rumors are correct, address your concern about ingesting some of the AVCHD footage you probably shoot, working with HD, and there are several worthwhile conversion programs “out there” Wondershare Video Converter Pro, among them, that will make conversion of your current library perhaps less painful … I’m not sure about batch conversion with that one, but probably it is available via Wondershare. I think the overall power and program applicability via the Mac, and the new better, faster, bigger iMacs will be a hard combination to beat and there is a lot to be said for the overall stability of this platform and its related software.

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