Lee, I am almost in a sim



I am almost in a similar boat. I think I have finally come close to mastering Sony Vegas Pro 10. Alright so mastering it is a far cry, but I can definitely get around in the program and do pretty much anything it has to offer.

A few weeks back I ventured into the Adobe area, and have been having a lot of fun in AE using the trial version of CS5. While most items you do in After Effects in theory could be handled with Vegas, AE sure streamlines it and its layout is set up to better handle the zillions of layers (my opinion). I have found the controls a bit easier to handle and get them to do what I want them to do much easier than Vegas. Videocopilot.net (as mentioned above) has done wonders in helping to understand what the program is doing. I first started just mirroring what Andrew was doing in the videos and was getting results, but you really want to slow that down to understand WHY he does certain things in certain orders and what each effect control does. For me I WILL purchase this very soon, and I will still use Vegas Pro 10 as my main editor.

While I am sure AE would have a bit more seamless integration with Premiere Pro (and that is just a guess), I have not had an issue using it to polish up my Vegas projects, and unless someone can give me great reason to use Premiere Pro over Vegas Pro, I will probably never learn that NLE.

Which brings me to:

Rohlux, You CAN use AE with virtually any NLE. AE is great for tiny segments of a video, you render out the segments and then place those segments in your preferred NLE. No tricks, no magic, AE just makes simple video files (alright so if you go uncompressed HD as I do for my AE segments the size might not be so simple, but still simple enough to use!)

Here is a sample I uploaded just last week and one of my very first projects using AE for the effects, and EVERYTHING else is Vegas Pro 10. The only exception being the very first video segment (the 20th Century Fox parody) which I used Blender (free) to get the exact effect I was after.

Please don’t hate the story here. It was made up AFTER the test footage was shot, and then written by my 8 year old son. This is simply a demonstration of combining, AE, with Vegas Pro 10:


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