LED’s are all the rage, bu


LED’s are all the rage, but good ones don’t come cheap, and cheap ones have limitations. First and foremost with most cheap LED lights is the non-continuous spectrum, often spiking in green. You might be able to overcome this with filtration and color correction, but it’s a crap shoot. If the manufacturer doesn’t list the CRI (color rendering index), or its below a 90, then you might get some funky skin tones that don’t look healthy.

You might also get some strange banding when you try to snoot or barn-door these lights to a smaller pattern. I’ve seen some cheap units that exhibit flicker as well.

If you’re expecting to make money from your videos, I would invest in better quality LED lights (Flolight makes solid units) or go with fluorescent fixtures (more cost effective than LED’s, but with similar benefits).

That being said, I do use a larger version of this LED as a hair light or background light when I need a quick setup or I don’t have access to AC power.

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