Learned long ago…. “I’m


Learned long ago….

“I’m not charging you $18-40,000 for the equipment I’m bringing along to do the job. I’m not charging you $20.00 for the paper I’ll print the images on, or $0.25 for the dvd I’ll burn. You don’t have to pay me what my talent and skill really is worth, because there are too many hacks out there diluting the market with substandard work and cheap prices. However, I am charging xxx amount of dollars for this project, and bringing all my equipment and skills to the project, and if you think my competetors can give you equal or better work, for less money… Best of luck to you.”

My Grandmother used to say “Getting all of half a loaf of bread, is better than getting none of a whole loaf of bread”.

And while I appreciate her wisdom, I’ve come to believe that in this business, you have to look at the whole wedding season as your loaf of bread, and rather than cut my price in half, and be working every weekend, I’d sooner see my sales cut in half, and wind up working every other weekend, and keep my price. I’ll work another job on my off days to stay afloat if I have to.

And despite the recession… it hasn’t come to that. So sales are down…next year will be better, and I won’t have to deal with “You shot my cousins Wedding for HALF THIS AMOUNT!”. when the economy picks up.

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