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From my end of the input, you’re quite welcome.


As for ‘snobbery’ I run into it often when we go for contract gigs and when we look to hire contractors sometimes. Once I had a camerawoman look at me like I was from Mars and say, “I thought only Mac’s were used to create art….” Needless to say we didn’t hire her and I suggested she ‘stop thinking because she wasn’t very good at it.’ I also see that mac/pc usage is regional. Where I operate, you could barely barricade a door with the number of macs in use. But, you could cause an avalanche with the amount of pc’s. The bigger universities are typical in that for all of their graphic stuff they use macs and pc’s for everything else.

I did check out your advert for the suite. Appreciate the offer, but we build our own and we’re literally ‘dueling’ to decide whether we’ll roll with ACS or Sony’s suite. Personally, I’m sold on both as either can do things the other can’t and in my experience compliments my work flow. Our latest rig we built was intended to run MC, but all the stuff you mentioned and now Avid is under new management I figure it’s not worth it.

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