lbc150 Wrote:alright, i wi


lbc150 Wrote:

alright, i will let the word out. i was thinking about not telling anyone and hoping they would stay in stock until i could save some cash…but i will do my good deed for the day. this is the link…its $2,949 to be exact.

EDIT: that is with $51 dollars to spare!!! πŸ˜‰


Im not telling you what to do but (IMO) something seems fishy about this place. Just for kicks I added that camera to my cart. When I went to view that item in my cart it took me back to that initial XL2 screen with all of those listed package numbers. I could not tell from viewing my cart what I was actually buying and what was all included. In other words it wasn’t real clear if I was getting just the body or the body w/lens let alone the rest of the stuff listed. It just said “Canon XL2”. That web page is very confusing and possibly deceiving. There are also a lot of little disclaimer asterisks sprinkled around. These prices seem ungodly low to me!

When I looked on their customer satisfaction page all of the little posts sounded the same. Its interesting how all of them praised this place. Obviously these were planted and is not a true customer’s sounding board like some Inet merchants have. Are they hiding something???

I also looked on Canon’s website and they are NOT listed as an authorized dealer that I could find. NY has a bunch of them but I couldn’t find their name in the list. That could come back to haunt you down the road. Im not sure how warranties and repairs work by not buying from an authorized dealer. I would find that out.

I talked to a retail store owner a few months ago and asked him how these sites could sell these for so much less. He replied that these cameras could be older versions of overstock or even seconds that didn’t make the cut. Whether that’s true or not I’m not certain.

Lastly, dont you think its kind of interesting that with all of the experienced videographers and all of the experts on this forum that no one has ever mentioned this place before?

Just be careful and good luck!

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