Lavs and wireless units ar


Lavs and wireless units are GREAT, so long as you don’t have a frequency that is no longer legal to use; the client doesn’t mind you running your hands all over her body while you “mic” her (or him, for that matter); and they aren’t fidgety or wearing silk, rayon, nylon or any of those OTHER materials that LOVE to wreak havoc on the audio.

I still use them, and will probably always want to have a system or set on hand, as well as hard-wired lavs, but I am leaning more every day toward use of highly directional shotgun mics with good side noise rejection levels, placed on stands just out of frame and CLOSE to the subject, or even occasionally a similar quality mic on a boom, either using a boom stand or an assistant when needed. All in all much cleaner audio and virtually ZERO occurrence of that interference you talk about.

Mr. Porter is spot on with his referral to the Manfrotto-Bogen line of fluid-head consumer, prosumer and professional sticks. I use ONLY this brand heads on my heavy-duty tripod and my maximum-strength monopod. No herky jerky, unless I stepped into a fire ant bed or something πŸ˜‰

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