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Since you’ll probably need at least one wedding video to create a demo reel, why not go to your local craigslist page ( and post a classified ad in the services section advertising a free wedding video? Explain in the ad that you’re a new service in the area, and say that in exchange for free videography services, you’d like to set out a few business cards and/or brochures at the reception to help you spread your name.

Another great source of leads are Wedding Expos. Expect to pay good money ($300-$800) for a well-established expo, but every larger expo I’ve ever been to, I’ve landed at least a couple customers right there at the expo, and a good handful after the fact.

Those are a few ideas. But like I said, you’ll need to have a demo reel before you can expect anyone to hire you, so you need to seriously consider donating at least your first wedding.

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