Last year I researched thi


Last year I researched this same thing. I am not a PC geek but have 20 years of electronics experience in the Navy. It became apparent, after several hours of searching, that this was going to be a great investment in time and patience. I finally gave up and bought a 7 bay unit. One great advantage is that I can free up the PC for tasks for the edit bay. The acard system will not only burn, but I programmed it to run full scale verifications of the dubs. When the the burners automatically eject, there are no coaters. If a disc is bad, the drawer stays closed and the display shows which burner failed verify. Since getting this unit, I have never had a disc returned. If PCs could be used to do the same job, I don’t think companies would be building stand-alones. I did a tour of duty in the Navy’s electronics R&D lab, so I have a lot of respect for scratch building a unit.

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