Last september I got the G


Last september I got the Gateway P-7811 FX it runs centrino 2 technology has a 17 inch high def display and ddr3 ram…pluc a host of other features and specs you can find here:

There is no doubt that you can find something else along those lines, sony makes one very comparable, as does HP but I love my computer, it runs Adobe master suite cs4 without a single hiccup (AVCHD compression even). It is barely portable because of it’s size and weight but it is still possible to take it with me on location. If you plan to have your rig for a while, I would recommend you start in this arena because you can bet a lot of bang for your buck and it seems like it will serve the functions you have set forth.

Also, although there was a time when laptops were nothing more than word processors that you could carry around, modern tech has made them ever bit as powerful as desktops if you have the appropriate funds. The only downside is upgradability, but even that has come a long way in the past two years or so. Keep your eyes and mind open and I have no doubt that you will find exactly what you need.

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