Last night, I went into Ad


Last night, I went into Admin Tools and checked which programs were running in the background; I used some internet tips (from various sources) to either set programs on manual or disable it altogether; I did this for both hard drives; I retested capturing and got the same choppy, jerky video with static in the audio, then the screen would just freeze, and post an error message about an occuring while capturing; I tried the same in Ulead and got the same type result, and same type of message, which included something about the screen size not being correct (or something like that; I’m at work now, can’t remember); also, both my hard drives are on the same channel (ch. 1) and my CD-Rom is on Ch. 2; I have the hard drive jumpers set so the Win XP drive is the master and the Windows 2000 hard drive is the slave; what I propose to do is disconnect the CD-Rom and connect that cable to the Windows 2000 hard drive; then I will change the jumper configuration, changing the master/slave setup; I’ll leave the CD-Rom diconnected; then I’ll try to capture again and see if having the hard drives on separate channels will help; do you think, now that I’ve tried to capture so many time, causing errors, capturing the bad footage, the freeze-ups, etc., do you think I should uninstall the Sony Vegas and reload it? During these test I’ve defragmented my hard drive already.

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