Larry, Check this link for



Check this link for compatible cards;

Everything I’ve heard so far is a 1GB card works best. We just built an HD capable NLE w/2 linked video cards = 1GB and it works quite well. When you get Vista, get Vista Business 64-bit. I could kick myself for listening to all the bad hype. Anyone who talks smack about it never used it. More than a worthy successort to XP Pro.

Far as your build goes, nothing’s changed. Max CPU, RAM and harddrive space as you can afford. Depending on what you doing, seriously consider setting up an internal RAID 0-5. Harddrives are much cheaper now so shoot for 500 – 750GB’s to make your raid with. You want at least 1TB especially if you’re planning on doing HD. Paul’s on point with the processor. Quad core is the way to go. Don’t blow a grand on a CPU! Every forum and expert I’ve asked say it’s a waste of money. Besides, that $1k chip won’t cost as much when the new stuff comes out. If you really want to throw down, consider getting a dual mobo, get two CPU’s and still pay less than a grand. RAM is where you’ll be rolling. Don’t blow the cash on more than 800Mhz RAM! Again same forums and experts say its a waste because there isn’t a significant increase in speed. Just jam as much ram in as you can afford (4GB’s or better!)

Now, for around $4.5 – 6.5k you can build an NLE that will rival anything that mac, hp, or dell can make in the same configuration and still pay $2k or more less! Have fun!

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