Kriller, I don’t have the


Kriller, I don't have the same model of Sony videocamera as you have but I have two models that appear to have the same type for features as yours. When you click on the macro-zoom, your camera will zoom in and focus on what is in the center of your screen. If this is too zoomed and only shows the center of your subject, you must move your camcorder back until you have the entire subject in your viewfinder. When you are tight (close to) on the subject, you will notice that not very far behind the subject will be out of focus. This means that you have a shallow depth-of-field. I believe this is what you are looking for. But as you move your camcorder back to give a wider field to get your entire subject in the frame, your dof will become less shallow. you will have to experiment with your actual shooting situation to see if this will work for you. Keep shooting. 

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