Knowing that you are an av


Knowing that you are an average consumer, I would advise you go to with tape. Just because someone says HD is the way to go, doesn’t mean it’s the way to go for you. The videos are for you and your family only, so it doesn’t matter what the industry is doing.

Another drawback to hard drive camcorders not mentioned above is that consumers don’t always take care of their stuff. Maybe your stuff won’t purposely be thrown against a wall, but it could get pushed around or dropped on the floor by accident. That kind of abuse is not good for a hard drive, and it could possibly case you to lose your footage.

I’d stick with tape. It’s proven method that has been working fine for years.

As for your DVD question, are you trying to burn a DVD that will play in a DVD player, or do you want to burn a disk that is simply holding your files that you can access for computer viewing?

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