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Because I was kind of intrigued on your venture, I did some research regarding your attempt to hook up multiple DVDs using a SCSI card. What was said was that a normal PC BIOS system doesnt directly support SCSI adapters in a PCI slot so that they can handle the throughput needed to maximize your ROM drives data rate and speed. The BIOS does support these PCI slots but they are all treated generically. In turn what is then needed is some software intervention so that any PCI card installed will work correctly on your machine. Its because of this that you are unable to bring your DVD ROMs up to full speed. It will work because of the drivers and software you installed but not at warp speed like ROM drives are designed for. Also an IDE BUS and a PCI BUS are not set up the same way. They run on different frequencies. The PCI BUS on a computer is the slowest of all of the BUS channels on a MOBO.

This is why I originally had my doubts on this working. Im like you in that Im always trying something new but when you sit down and think about it, why isnt everybody doing this? By now someone would have figured it out and it would be all over the world. Another thing is why do they make special DVD duplicators? I don’t think a company would risk make something like this if every one could make homemade versions at home. Sure these duplicators are a form of a computer but they must be configured very differently to the point that we cant replicate on our machines at home.


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