kkmac Wrote:Are you trying


kkmac Wrote:

Are you trying to do this in track 1?

I don’t use single track editing so I’m quickly running out of ideas. Just for the sake of arguement, try clipping the ends of each clip by 1 second. Don’t use the razor tool, use the pointer (arrow) tool, position it over the end of the clip, click and drag to shorten them. Then slide the beginning of the second clip to touch the end of the first. Now try adding your transition. Its possible there are no added frames in the second clip for the transition to use. If all else fails, switch to A/B editing. It’s easier.

I switched to A/B roll editing, overlapped track A on track B where I wanted the dissolve, applied the dissolve but cannot get it to preview using the render scrub method. I moved the ends of the work area bar as instructed, held down the alt key, saw the arrow change, dragged the edit line across the transition and no dissolve was shown. Did I overlook something?


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