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I’ve been a professional videographer since 1991 and I’ve never had any equipment stolen, I have forgot things at venues and had to go back for them. Having a table by the DJ is always a good thing to have, number 1 is the DJ is almost always there and the first thing I do when I get to a venue is meet the DJ and ask if it’s okay to put my equipment there by him/her. The DJ is a good source to have on your side; first they can give you a heads up if something is about to happen (should you be out doing interviews with the guest) for your bar mitzvah you shouldn’t have any security problems, I’ve done hundreds of Bar/Bat Mitzvah and never had a problem, just stay on your toes because there are a lot of events to the Bar Mitzvah. Just as a suggestion there is some equipment you might want to have with you, a 50-100 foot extension cord if your camera can run on A/C power just incase you have a battery/batteries issue and if you’re not using a LED light you might want to have extra bulbs for the light you do use. Having your own table is a good thing because you will want to be able to sit down occasionally and that is a good spot.

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