KireZ, I have used a


 KireZ, I have used a the lightscribe burner that was included with a computer that I purchased a few years ago. I was pleased with the results, certainly better than using a marker to write on the discs. It was easy to use and I used templates from the lightscribe site. As noted in the video the process can take up to 20 minutes to complete (this is dependent on how far from the center hub of the disc the graphic extends). It is actually burning the top surface much the same as burning info on the data side. The results are a kind of shading of the base color of the disc (monochromatc style). The discs are available in a few different base colors and are produced by a few different makers. The results are acceptable but not impressive. I recently needed to replace my printer and purchased an Epson Artisan which has a tray to hold a CD/DVD and allows printing directly to a hub printable disc. This is easy to use and produces more impressive and professional results, IMVHO. I think that you will be satisfied with the lightscribe system but if you need to replace your printer at some point, I highly recommend the Artisan. I hope this helps.

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