Kind of coming in late on


Kind of coming in late on this post, but thought I would add some thoughts anyway.

1. Don’t rush this project. Do it right so pp won’t get a bad first impression of your church.

2. I honestly believe editing in post will be better, but I also think a live mix will help that process. Also, you can sell the live mix DVD’s right after the service.

3. So… equipment
At least 2 High Quality cameras (plan on spending around $3000 each)
Video switcher (datavideo has a nice $1000 one, there are others)
Firestore belt drives (record cameras directly from firewire to HD so you’re ready to edit.
An intercom system for your cameras and whomever is switching (can use FMS radios for this with some success)
A seperate audio mix from the sound room. Ideally will include an ambiance mic, and someone mixing it as the service happens
Good quality fluid tripods with lanc controllers so the zoom and camera controls are where your hand is working

4. I received some feedback that I really liked. Make this different!! Don’t just shoot your services and record it and burn a DVD. Put some effort into it, use some other footage to help get the point across. Different angles… think outside the box to make your production something people talk about and want to watch

Good luck


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