Kim,I did do a quick sca



I did do a quick scan of the summary list for that $2,464.00 XPS 600 you called out. First of all, a lot of inquires like yours come across here and just about all the time, its hard to give people a solid answer because none of us here know what your true intentions are with this PC. If youre looking for a all-in-one PC that will be used for both general home use and basic editing, then you should be OK. Id drop the Media Edition OS version and get either XP Home or Professional and I wouldnt bother with the TV card and remote. In exchange though, I would get another large SATA hard drive. Video takes up a lot of room.

Now if youre looking for a real efficient editing machine that has some horsepower, then youll want to do what was already mentioned and that is to have one custom built with video editing in mind. Especially if youre going to use the higher end more demanding software thats out there. Pinnacle Studio IMO is more of a generic average video editing software solution that will run on just about everything (within reason of course). When these special PCs are built, higher quality and more upgradeable components are installed that will help you get things done faster and better and with less problems. Video editing is probably the most demanding process one can ask of a PC so you shouldnt really skimp on horsepower or quality if at all possible.

I guess to help you with your question if youre just going to be fooling around with family style home videos or vacation videos and youre not going to get into 3D or major high end compositing, you should be fine with the Dell. If youre planning on taking on monster projects, start a little business or run super programs, then youll want to have one made because after all, getting things done faster and better is whats its all about. As the saying goes, Time is money!

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