Kevin, First thing, turn o



First thing, turn off that &%#$@! auto focus. That’s part of your issue. You absotively, posilutely do not I repeat, do not need auto focus for aerial photography. Turn it off.

Next, Canon ‘L’s are fine for aerial work. You might be experiencing some issues with your CMOS image sensor and ‘Moire’ when in video mode. Moire is the appearance of rainbow effects and jagged lines when filming detailed patterns like brick, houndstooth, etc.

Main thing to remember when shooting aerials is to focus on infinity and let the aircraft act as your ‘zoom’ by moving closer or farther from your target. Definitely get that camera stabilized. Camera shake is an image killer. How does your video look during ground shooting? Sounds like you need to do some tests. It could just be a limitation of the camera. Remember, it’s the consumer version of the 7D so there will be tighter limits than come with the pro version.

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