Kevin, you did a great job


Kevin, you did a great job editing this together. I'm surprised you were able to get the guy to go through his routine 4 times, though! I know you put a lot of time into editing the audio to get it just right.


My only critique might be in reference to the "B" roll (which wasn't really the focus of your post). Every shot (almost) contained a pan or a zoom, and the video shots seemed to perhaps have been handheld. For my taste, there was too much camera motion, much of it unnecessary. For instance, at 3:08, we see a piece of metal being cut by a saw. As the shot ends, the camera moves to follow the saw away. The story would have been just as complete if the camera had been static and the saw had just been removed from the frame. I think a little variety, mixing good steady static shots with a few SLOW pans and zooms (they all seemed to be relatively fast) would have been good –  A slider or dolly would also have added some variety to shots that contained motion. The cuts between the handheld, motion-filled B roll and the rock steady interview shots were a little jarring.

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